W K Lee





TKD is suitable to all ages or abilities. Our teaching utilises modern professional coaching techniques with the emphasis on self development and enjoyment. Your training will be based on a national TKD syllabus in which other facets related to fitness including cardio vascular, muscular strength & endurance, flexibility, self confidence and discipline have been incorporated.

As a result, the members of this club have been successful in regional, national and international competitions. Students have won medals in various championships. Please see Members Achievement for further details.

W K Lee

W K Lee started his TKD training in September 1994 and has been practising ever since. He also have a wide range of knowledge in coaching for a number of different types of sports and fitness (qualifications shown below).

As a TAGB instructor, W K Lee has undertaken and passed a nationally recognised instructor training course.

Undergone a Criminal Records Bureau check.
Qualified as a First Aider.
Qualified as a National Referee for Tae Kwon Do.
Fully insured.
Qualified as a Athletic Coach, UK Athletic - Level 2
Qualified as a Gym instructor, YMCA - Level 2