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Case Studies

Nicolas Seymour

Nicolas is in his 40s and has a busy and demanding work and family lives. He weight over 17.5 stone when he first joined the club.

He now weights about 13 stone. This is achieved by basically eating healthily and exercising frequently. Tae Kwon Do training inspires him to reduce his junk food and alcohol intakes and live a healthy and active lifestyle.

After seeing a session of the club, he decided that he could do it. He is training toward his black belt test in October 08.

Helen Plank

Helen is a modern working mother who is responsible for a large family (5 children and a husband). Her demanding and busy life style means she has little time for herself and fitness.

She joined Caterham Tae Kwon Do club with her family so that they can spend some quality time together. They joined the club and she has found the training helps her to maintain her fitness, in particular flexibilities and stamina. Tae Kwon Do class utilises exercises which will improve cardio vascular, strength and flexibilities. This club is family friend and warm to all members. In fact, many members socialise outside the club and Helen has hosted a number of events, available to club members.

In her late forties, Helen won a bronze medal for her pattern in the 2007 World Championship. She has also won a number of gold, silver and bronze medals in the regional and national Tae Kwon Do championships.

Nigel Plank

Nigel started Tae Kwon Do later than some. Nigel is over 50 years old but he has no trouble of learning Tae Kwon Do. He might not be the most flexible person in the club but he can certainly perform all those high and spectacular kicks.

Against all odds, he won a silver medal in the tag team sparring in the 2007 Tae Kwon Do World Championship. At the age of 54, he was one of the oldest competitors (if not the oldest) to have won a medal in the 2007 Tae Kwon Do World Championship.

Nigel has demonstrated that anyone could learn Tae Kwon Do and with determination, believe and courage, you can achievement great things.