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Case Studies

Colvin Frost

Colvin has an active lifestyle and is in excellent shape. He has no problem in Tae Kwon Do training. He has always maintained a high standard in training. To help his development in Tae Kwon Do. Colvin was encouraged to compete in the championships. True to his ability, Colvin won his first medal in the 2006 South East Regional Championship. Despite his age, he has so far been winning medals in all championships which he had entered. His biggest achievement was winning two silver medals in pattern and team sparring at the 2007 TAE KWON DO World Championship. His other achievements, so far, are:

British Championship – Bronze in Blue Belt Pattern.
Welsh Championship - Silver medal in Green Belt Pattern and Bronze in Individual Sparring.
English Championship – Runner Up in the Green Belt Pattern.


British Championship - Bronze medal in the Green belt Individual Sparring.
South East Championship – Winner of the individual Pattern (Green belt division),
Silver medal in the team Pattern (Green belt division),
Bronze medals in Tag Team Sparring and individual Sparring (Green belt division).
English Championship- Won a Gold medal in the Men Yellow Belt Pattern + Bronze for Individual Sparring


British Championship - Silver medal for Yellow Belt Pattern.

Jordan Frost

As you probably have guessed it, he is Colvin’s young son. Jordan joined the club with his father. Tae Kwon do was a way for them to spend quality time. Tae Kwon Do training not only provides a great way to improve their fitness and confidence. It has also provided an excellent opportunity for them to develop their relationship.

Jordan was inspired by his father’s success and decided to compete in the championships. Jordan’s biggest achievement was wining a silver medal in green belt boy tag team sparring in the 2007 World Championship. In 2006 South East Championship, he also won gold in the junior tag team sparring and 3rd in junior light weight division for sparring (Green belt).