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Case Studies

Michael Flegg

Michael is a 15 year teenager and has previously tried judo and aikido but he was not particular inspired by those martial arts. He is young and athletic. He learned Tae Kwon Do with ease and excels in his training. He enjoys his Tae Kwon Do so much he has been doing extra training outside the normal class. Michael has shown great potential in achieving high level of Tae Kwon Do.

He was encouraged to compete in championships and setting higher standard than normal syllabus and high goals in Competition. He came third is his first tournament in 2007 and he won his first gold medal in 2008 and he is now a English Champion in the cadet boy sparring (Green Belt Division).

Andy Butler

Andy started practising TAE KWON DO after watching some of his son – Aaron –in training sessions. He considered he may be too old for Tae Kwon DO but was encouraged to join and try few lessons. He found Tae Kwon Do enjoyable and decided to join the club.

He was encouraged to compete in the Tae Kwon Do championships to gain more confidence and belief in his ability. Again, he has won a few trophies and continues to improve his skills and overall fitness. Andy won a bronze medal in the Executive Men Sparring (Green belt) in 2008 Welsh Championship and 2007 British Championship.

Junior Class

Junior class started in April 2007 and it has becoming more popular than expected. All of them are progressing well. They have been inspired by the adult members and started to compete in Tae Kwon DO competitions and they have enjoyed some encourage success.


Other members’ Achievement

31 March - English Championship 2008

Lewis Adam was part of the winning boy tag team named “Warrior”.
Chace Hanmer won Silver in the boy sparring, yellow belt – Pee Wee division.
Aaron Butler won a bronze medal in the boy green belt sparring light weight division.
Kai Johns together with Aaron and Chace won bronze in the boy tag team event.

2007 British Championship
Aaron Butler – won Bronze in Boy Sparring, Green Belt

2006 - S.E Championship

Nick Seymour – he came 3rd in the Individual Pattern (Blue Belt division)
Mark Ingram – Won a Bronze medal in the Tag Team Sparring (Green Belt division)